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Providing apprentices based in different locations with a personalised, mixed method and graduated approach to learning.  



Welcome to Tutorum Training.  We are educational providers of Functional Skills English, mathematics and/or ICT for apprentices already established in their workplace.  What makes us different, is that we enable apprentices to complete their training without having to attend an external college, and provide an online personal tutor to each individual learner. 


The word ‘Tutorum’ is Greek for ‘Guardian’ which summarises our roles as educational supporters.  By using a mixed method and graduated approach to learning, we create bespoke Individual Learning Plans, which allow apprentices to carry out their training at their own pace and stage.  



  • Time Efficient  

Apprentices don’t need to attend an external college, they will be able to carry out their training anywhere, and anytime.   


  • Tailored Learning  

Tutorum Training’s unique Realizeit platform enables all apprentices to study at a level and speed that suits them.  If an apprentice needs extra help at any point, their personal tutor will arrange a one-to-one to suit them.  If there is more than one learner with the same concern, then a virtual classroom session can be booked.   


  • Learning Support 

We have extensive experience with providing learning support to students with specific learning difficulties.  Our aim is to ensure that every student is able to complete their apprenticeship successfully, free from barriers. 




“I like the personal support I get from Tutorum Training. The technology is really easy to use, so it feels like I am getting 1 to 1 teaching whenever I need it.” 

Abbie, L2 apprentice.



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